Our goal at Audacity is  for you to define, achieve, and practice liberation by creating healthy habits for achievable goals.   Winning at your goals everyday influence your ability to grow and achieve prosperity as you define. 

To WIN, we provide tips and tools that help the beginner, intermediate, and advanced -preneurs optimize their performance. 

  Marketing and intervention are critical systematic behaviors for authority-brands to WIN.  We lessen your burden of achieving with skilled facilitation, learning diversity, in supportive environments with strategic content about your market.  


to affirm human social value​​​


Prepare individuals, organizations, and communities to maximize their rights to economic empowerment through effective programming for sustainability on and offline.    


*meet customers where they are
*bridging the gaps between service and prosperity
*standing above the crowd with a clear and concise message of concerns, successes, gaps, and recommendations for the industry
*local, state, national and global partnerships for the greater good

Our Team

Our team, consist of partnerships around the country who have identified their transferable skills to build capacity.  Our Partners help you gain momentum as a nationally recognized independent or entity.  Please feel free to explore our courseroom and  products designed to meet your business needs. ​​​
Dr. Savage is an award-winning Consultant.  Her work has been accepted in Dubai, Singapore, and Africa and throughout the United States. She partners with fiscal agents throughout the country on cooperatives to build capacity for their social and economic empowerment programs.  

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