Welcome to Audacity Leadership Institute.  

Is this the right course for me?

The fact that you are here suggest that you have a desire to continue gaining the soft skills you need to enhance the lives of those you serve.  Teaching consumers to unlearn to learn can be an arduous process, but important to the direct provider. You are responsible for transforming the lives of the masses.  The advent of the internet has increased the opportunity of interaction with people around the world; however, what we know, if it is not used correctly, it can also impair success forever. What do I mean by that?  Gidgets and gadgets are in the hands of nearly 95% of the population, flying off emails, picture, videos, 140 characters here and there and apps.  These same gidgets and gadgets have been the downfall of social responsibility with inappropriate use.  

Is it covering the right stuff?

The goal of this course is to equip providers with a methodology that is proven to prepare clients to position themselves responsibly in the internet space.  The internet is the first tool leaders use to learn about people they may be interested in recruiting for school, job, committees, leadership roles, political arenas, awards, and the list goes on.  

As providers, you spend countless days learning information towards holistic approaches to prepare your consumers for achievable outcomes. There are some things you learn that have a shelf life of only a few months before it changes again--that would be technology.  Leaders you can only teach what you yourself know how to perform.  Socially responsible internet behavior has not change; however, in the pursuit of a positive digital stamp there are extra measures that must be implemented.  In this course, you will learn six fundamentally important social behaviors with some bonus addage to develop a social profile in the world wide web with practical application.  Once you understand these processes , you can teach them to your consumers--now, that is how we reach the masses.   Let's get right in to it...

Why Audacity Leadership Institute?

Dr Eveangel Savage is the author of "Clients Everywhere:  Will Your Name Come To Mind? , Founder of Audacity Leadership Institute & CasebyCase Research Foundation.  She wrote this 88-page handbook as a result of practices she applied to build a strong foundation to transfer from a 95 to full time entrepreneurship. The practical application of these skills has helped her to blaze the trail in the internet sphere where she is known for having a strong foundation that allows her to flex and pivot at any given moment.  

What can I expect?

This is  self-paced course.  You will learn each concept on a moodle platform.  Your will learn concepts with an introductory video of th topic and how to apply that topic.  You also be given assignments for practical application of the skill learned.   Each skill learned is  a prerequisit to the other.  Because of this releative impotance, students are unable to move to the next step until all assignments are marked complete.  Each student will be have access to our forum where they can engage with others who may have questions as they are learning.  The mobile social suppot of others is important.