Is this course covering the right stuff?

The goal of this course is to equip YOU with the evidence you need to be a notch above the competitors in your industry with valid information to articulate to your population on why they should choose you and not someone else.  YOUR customer is not made from a cookie cutter, and the services you provide should not be a cookie cutter.  Evidence provides you with the ability to fill the gaps based on what the industry research experts recommend from an evidence-based perspective.

Is this the right course for me?
  • If you are interested in defining your business fundamentals with clarity
  • developing your why based on what the research says about your market
  • developing your brand story

  • If you are interested in understanding what the experts concerns about the approaches to problems in your niche market, then you are in the right place.
  • If you are interested in what the evidence is saying about potential successes in programming, then you are in the right course.
  • If you are interest in the gaps and recommendations are for forward thinking programming, then you are in the right course.


What can I expect?  You Can Expect An Overview of
  • Business Research
  • Brand Research
  • Market Research
  • Prospect Analysis
  • Client Satisfaction 

You will learn TO...
  • identify, initiate and implement strategies to corner your market
  • narrow your ocean to a stream
  • develop you source list for viable digital and physical products
  • develop a content strategy
  • identify your influential market
  • develop a multi-layer digital campaign
  • identify emerging global market opportunities

Why Audacity Leadership Institute?

I am Dr. Eveangel Savage, Global Research Consultant. I assist global risk-takers in the process of integrating research into business practices and systems of care. I serve you at all four points of the world with the phrase that sustains "What does the evidence say about your market?"

Dr. Eveangel Savage is an Evidence-Based Qualitative Social Researcher. She understands the research from birth to grief.  She has supported ventures across domains for more than 20-years.

"This course met and exceeded my expectations! Rich in content and DrEveangel H Savage was there to help navigate through the real "meaty" parts. This course is a must have for the serious people who want to provide true evidence-based research products and services that adequately meet the needs of their clients."  ~Annetta Works-Saley
-Annetta Works-Saley
The Evidence Course
"Dr. Eveangel Savage is a well around mentor that supports and helps a variety of clients with different backgrounds. Her commitment and dedication to her work and others are outstanding." Wendy Wiley Alexander